SEHAK  (Civil and Ecological Rights Association) aims to achieve a democratic civil society which respects human rights, ecological rights, cultural and intellectual diversity. In this aspect, the Association conducts activities such as advocacy, campaigns, researches, trainings and lobbying in order to achieve the following goals:

  • To implement a society in a right based approach where all the people can live in a democratic, equal, sustainable and healthy environment.
  • To improve participation and democracy in the civil society.
  • To empower the state of organisations and autonomy.
  • To enrich the coexistence of various cultural identities, believes and opinions.
  • To transform the society for the respect of human rights and for the coherence with nature
  • To defend the basic human rights of all the citizens.
  • To resolve the conflicts in peace with the means of dialogue.
  • To abolish all forms of violence and discrimination.
  • To promote the relations and cooperation with the civil society organisations from other countries, specifically with the ones from European Union and neighbouring countries.
  • To maintain a sustainable life and to protect the ecological balance.
  • To ensure that the civil society has a right to say in the decision making bodies.


The Executive Board members of SEHAK are as follows:

  • Feriha Işıl Demirel – Chairperson
  • Mehmet Doğan – Vice Chairperson
  • F. Levent Şensever – General Secretary
  • Adis Kürkyapıcı – Tresurer
  • Ece Palaz – Board Member